Sunday, January 14, 2007

Swimman Waterproofed iPod

I shouldn't be telling you this because they are still in stealth mode, but....
Swimman, Inc. has created the first waterproofed iPod. We all thought that the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle was very nice, but wouldn't it be even better if it was totally waterproof so that you could take it anywhere without worrying about getting it wet and then frying it? Furthermore, wouldn't it be great if you could actually listen to your tunes while surfing or doing laps with your practically weightless, bling-syle iPod? Now, Swimman, the originator of waterproof audio players has actually done it.

Pretty clever -- so now the Swimman group has taken the new iPod Shuffle to a higher level of coolness. Ah yes, a completely waterproof -- yes, I said WATERPROOF 2nd gen iPod Shuffle. While other versions of the iPod have waterproof cases, I haven't heard of a waterproof case for the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle. Besides, who needs a bulky, leaky case to mess with the sleek cool look of the 2G Shuffle anyway? The great news is that there is a WATERPROOF 2nd generation iPod Shuffle available on the web by SWIMMAN at . It's sold along with their excellent sound isolating waterproof headset that has been rated on the web as being the best waterproof headset on the market (see for example ). I bought Swimman's waterproofed Pod and it is absolutely fantastic. Great sound. Great looks. Totally waterproof. Trouble is, now that I use it for all my water sport stuff, I won't go in the water or do laps without it. It's .... sort of addicting. With Swimman's waterproofing technology, the iPod Shuffle is now light years ahead of everything else out there. It has become the true "go anywhere, do anything" digital audio player.

Here is a very cool You Tube Shuffle video

Now imagine diving into the water with your new 2G iPod Shuffle clipped to your hot swimsuit.
Now you can....
The Swimman waterproofed 2G iPod Shuffle is now available at . Just tell Beverly that "the doc" sent you.